Year 2020
June 2020

Retreat to Your Man Cave with Some Father’s Day Treats

Here are our new music favs!

Exquisite, inspiring and grand. A perfect gift for all Dads out there during these hard times.

Brittany Howard

The exceptional solo debut from the Alabama Shakes singer-songwriter is a thrilling opus that pushes the boundaries of voice, sound, and soul to new extremes.

Perfume Genius
Set My Heart on Fire Immediately

Mike Hadreas’ fifth album glides between sublime melodies and grimy, guttural dissonance, embracing the joys and burdens of the human body and its innumerable, intangible yearnings.

Run the Jewels

On their fourth installment, Killer Mike and El-P are back to tune up the ruling class and the racist police state, this time streamlining the process and settling into their most natural rhythm.