Where East Meets West

Services Our lab in Asia is the longest running with the latest encoding equipment. Having labs in both Singapore and China ensures on time deliveries without compromising the quality of our media.


Encoding & Transcoding

  • All systems incl. Panasonic, Thales, Rockwell, Thompson, Zodiak, etc.
  • All formats MPEG 1,2,4, h264, etc. and aspect ratios 4:3, 16:9
  • Dedicated labs in Singapore, Beijing and Central Europe


Images In Motion is the first and only CSP in the world to have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 standard for its set of stringent procedures and processes in compiling metadata requirements.


All media for audio and video such as VHS, Hi8, DVD, CD-I, Flash Cards, Cassette Tapes.

Inflight Magazines

Print and publishing of Entertainment Guides, Travel Guides and Inflight Magazines.


  • Content requirements
  • Airline branding
  • New technology purchases such as handheld iPad systems

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