When it comes to your television channels on board we combine our licensing expertise and our programming
skills to offer you a diverse selection of content and genres; packaged in style. We cover all types of programmes including top rated drama and comedy series from the US and the UK as well as niche and single topic channels which can be branded by the airline or headlined under familiar television channel names.

IIM’s programme buyers are constantly researching the latest trends, popular titles and series’ from across the globe in order to fulfil each clients’ unique requirements of television channels. Our content aggregation becomes your personal database and you will be able to compare up-to-date ratings of current television series.

As we cater to a diverse audience throughout Asia, IIM strives to provide something for everyone in the TV
department. We have the latest and greatest entertainment programmes from around the world produced in different regions or languages.

We constantly strive to live up to the commitment of our slogan: East Meets West and to ensure that all passengers are able to enjoy such diverse programming, we provide subtitles or dual language tracks for all our television product.

On top of that, we also recognize the cultural differences within different regions. A scene that may be acceptable in one country may be a taboo in another. Therefore, we take special notice during our screening
process and in turn, advise our clients to remove certain scene if it’s deemed unsuitable to their passengers.

Genres include but are not limited to the following

Business & Finance
Entertainment & Reality
Music & Performance Art
Lifestyle & Travel