Year 2020
June 2020

IIM Featured in APEX Newsletter

IIM’s Live-TV-over IP solution, IIM+, was featured in yesterday’s APEX newsletter. The coverage of IIM+ in the daily email to all industry professionals confirms its innovative status amongst new solutions that are being considered by airlines for the ‘new normal’ when they emerge from post-COVID restrictions.

With a shift towards connectivity and in-flight entertainment in the digital sense, IIM+ becomes a very relevant and innovative solution/offering for airlines towards their passengers.

“Customer value propositions and communicate with customers. Long-term, airlines are wondering “what’s it going to be like on the other side and what’s the role of connectivity in that?”  Article by Alexander Preston at Viasat sees opportunities in IFC post-crisis

With IIM+ and connectivity on-board, passengers travelling with these airlines will be able to enjoy Live TV broadcasts at the comfort of their own devices.

“Flights will look different: some airlines will offer no food, or at best pre-packaged items, and magazines have been removed. Ryanair’s customers will be banned from queueing for the toilet.” Article by Tanya Powley, David Keohane and Claire Bushey at Aviation industry prepares for sweeping changes in post-pandemic travel

The evolution of in-flight services post-COVID 19 will highlight the value of IFE as an offering to passengers on-board. This can come in various forms like traditional seatback and overhead monitors, WiFi portable entertainment devices, connectivity access. All in all, Images In Motion has the capabilities to offer these solutions to all types of aircrafts with many options to choose from.