Broadcast Audio

IIM considers the goal of every in-flight audio channel similar to the goal of a radio station: attract as many listeners as possible and never give them a reason to turn away.

We have some of the most creative and dynamic audio programmers in the industry and our close relationships with international record companies, both major and independent, enables us to curate the latest music trends in both East and West.


International flight operations often require passenger safety briefings and other announcements to be provided in multiple languages. Pre-recorded announcements are an effective way to reduce cabin crew workload, while at the same time improving the standard of presentation for passengers’ comprehension. IIM is capable of producing studio-quality announcements in a clear and concise manner, up to a total of 84 languages. If you’re looking for a high quality, effective way to offer multilingual cabin briefings, IIM is your choice.

Boarding Music

IIM understands the importance of having boarding music that allows passengers to have a pleasant experience as they settle down in their seats. We offer a variety of concepts based on revolving themes such as Chill-out and Lounge music to Piano and Jazz pieces, and festive requirements such as Christmas and New Year’s. We are also able to produce culture-specific boarding music based on the national festivals or featuring the use of notable national musical instruments.