Encoding & Transcoding


IIM has come a long way since establishing our encoding lab back in 2003. Since then, we have been supplying encoded content for major IFE hardware integrators (Panasonic, Thales, Zodiac, Rockwell-Collins).

Apart from being the longest running encoding lab in Asia, we are also the largest in this region. We have achieved this by constantly upgrading our equipment and our team skillset.

As the leading supplier of video and audio content management services, we are providing video content in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios encoded in multiple MPEG and other formats for both embedded and wireless systems.

IIM is the FIRST & largest AVOD
encoding facility in Asia.


Having been in the industry for more than 18 years now, Images In Motion has had the privilege to work with the
various hardware vendors in the IFE industry. We have been supplying media in different formats for multiple
platforms from Panasonic, Thales, Zodiac, Bluebox etc.


Metadata is one of the most critical aspects for an airline to consider when it is selecting its CSP. Apart from the quality of the media, metadata is the next most visible aspect of the IFE system that airline passenger encounters when they are interacting with it. We have put in place a set of stringent procedures and processes to ensure we update the metadata requirements from all IFE hardware vendors correctly, accurately and on a timely basis. This is the reason why Images In Motion is the first and only CSP in the world to have achieved the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


One of the differentiating factors that ensures IIM leads the inflight post-production business in Asia is our huge investment in duplication decks. We currently provide duplication services for DVD, CD-I, Flashcards, Hi-8 tapes, VHS, Cassette tapes and all other media that the airlines would need for their IFE systems.

Inflight Magazines

Images In Motion commenced their Inflight Entertainment foray in print with the publishing of Entertainment Guides, Inflight Magazines and Travel Guides. We have, on staff, experienced designers and graphic artists who will ensure that any print material is visually appealing to the passenger.

Our editorial content will be supported by a library of award-winning freelance writers. Our expertise in design, translation, writing and print is unmatched – and once again, all of these services are provided in-house, ensuring that quality is maintained and deadlines are achieved.


Being a veteran in the IFE industry, we have seen and done it all. From the early days of Hi-8 tapes to the latest wireless IFE technology – we are well appraised of the developments and trends within the industry.

We work WITH our clients and encourage them to discuss content, branding and new technology with us to ensure that their IFE systems fully satisfy their passengers and their money is well spent.