18 May 2020
IIM Creates Next Generation Live TV Solution
Year 2020
May 2020


Singapore-based content service provider Images In Motion has built a unique Live TV-over-IP delivery solution for the airline and cruise line sectors that offers visible bandwidth and hardware cost savings. The patent pending solution, which is branded IIM+, enables airlines to receive live television broadcast feeds through their existing IP connectivity. The key component of the platform is IIM’s patented signaling server technology which yields a 75%-90% saving on traditional data consumption while requiring no additional hardware.

“Post-COVID-19 there will undoubtedly be changes in the IFE industry but one thing that won’t change is the development of broadband connectivity, aligning the onboard passenger experiences with what passengers’ experience at home”, comments Ong Yong Beng, CEO of Images In Motion. “Adopting our solution will create a new type of inflight entertainment service, one that minimizes OPEX costs while adding a Live TV-based service which is instant, route-specific and which works simultaneously on both embedded systems and PEDs”.

In addition to airlines themselves, the platform could also draw interest from established hardware companies as an extension to their existing infrastructures whilst also enabling connectivity providers with an exciting new service tool.

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak the company had been in advanced discussions with two of its Asian airline clients about implementation of the service and while those plans had to be paused due to fleet groundings, IIM has also seen some initial interest in IIM+ from the private business jet market in both Europe and Asia.

For more information visit www.iimplus.com